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Hanbee Viet - Korean language teaching center in Danang
In addition, the Center also organizes practice sessions to communicate with the Korean people to improve the skills and qualifications of the students. Currently, the Center is opening foreign language training classes such as English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese on weekdays.
Hanbee Viet believes that if you want to receive it, you must give it first, so Hanbee Viet will share with you Korean lessons and lectures for everyone in order to bring Korean and Korean culture closer to you. Viet yourself more, especially the young dynamic. Hanbee Vietnamese Language School is one of the first institutes in Vietnam to teach Korean language. Currently, there are many Hanbee Vietnamese Korean Centers established, partly due to the increasing number of Korean businesses investing in Vietnam, so it needs a human resource that can speak Korean to meet the needs of the Korean people. Korean company.
Currently, the center is constantly recruiting students in Bac Giang at all levels: Korean Beginner 1 + 2, Korean for beginners, Korean Intermediate 1 + 2, Interpretation classes , concentrated study abroad class, Korean class for people going to work in Korea. Accompanying with universities that have Korean studies, the Korean learning center always makes every effort to popularize Korean and Korean culture in Vietnam. Vietnamese teachers who teach at the Center are professionally trained teachers through 6-month and 12-month training courses at the Center.
The special feature here is that free trial sessions are held regularly to create an environment for learning Korean for those who want to pursue them. There are special teaching methods that help students acquire effective lessons, have practical experience with Korean and draw valuable lessons. Hanbee Vietnamese Korean Center is also a center of good Korean language training with affordable tuition and modern facilities.
Each DK student receives instructions from highly qualified Korean instructors who have studied and worked in Korea. We believe that the article about the Korean course at the Hanoi Foreign Language Center that you are following has partly helped you to make the best decision for yourself when choosing a good and reputable Korean Center. Through the practice of taking tests from previous years, apply the knowledge learned in the Korean language curriculum into the exercises with skills: practice words, grammar, practice listening, reading and practice write.
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